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South Beach Casino and Hotel

November 14 to 15 

South Beach Overnight Itinerary   November 14 -15


Pick up location and times as follows:

St. Annes and Fermor (Salisbury Restaurant) @ 10am

Henderson & McLeod (Tim Hortons Restaurant) @ 10:20

Leila Apartments. 535/595 @ 10:40

You will receive from South Beach

$20 in Slot play Day 1 & Day 2

$12.00 Food coupon Day 1 & Day 2 (coupons can used for any meal)

Upon arrival at the Hotel, in the event rooms are not ready your luggage will go in the luggage room by the hotel front desk, and you may go play, lunch etc., they will page you us your rooms become ready, at that point you go to hotel claim your luggage and room keys.

When the rooms are not ready upon arrival you will still receive your food coupon and the slot play will be loaded on your card.

Depart Day 15th, Wednesday, check out of hotel is noon. Bring your luggage to front desk and they will store in luggage room, remember to get your claim ticket.

Bus will arrive at hotel doors at 2:45, we will load luggage, we need to load your luggage for your drop off location so do not go to bus until I mark you off my list to ensure we get your luggage in the correct cargo bay. Depart at 3pm.


Thank you for traveling with Anytyme Travel and Tours we appreciate your business and recommendations.

See you soon


Good Luck in the Casino

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