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Requirements for Border to Enter USA

for the Warroad Day Trip

You may use your Covid-19 Vaccination Card- BUT you MUST ensure that the card in the top left-hand corner says Covid-19

if it just says Vaccination Card only then it will not be accepted.

At this point you must print out your PAN-Card or proof of vaccination from Shared Health it does not matter how many vaccinations you have had only that you have been vaccinated for COVID

Warroad Day Trip

November 17,2022

Rate $35  per person 

Canadian cash only

We hope you will try this trip with us we have been looking forward to more day trip options.

 We now have it

Group leader travel FREE

with 15 or more above yourself

You will receive:

$20.00 in Slot Play in addition, for each100 points you earn you will get an additional $5.00 slot play
You will be able to do this 5 times maximum during our stay.
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