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Cancellation Policy


Form of Payment  Accepted 





We do Not accepted Credit Cards.

What You Need To Know

At the time of booking we will require your full legal name as it appears on your passport, address, phone number, birth date, country of citizenship and what form of  ID you will be using.

We only share this information with customs officials if crossing the border to enter the Unite States.

What kind of travel documentation do you need?

All travel outside of Canada requires a valid passport. Passengers who are not of Canadian citizenship should contact the US Immigration Board as a visa may be required for entry and re-entry into Canada.

It is your responsibility to obtain the documentation necessary for travel  into the United States. Without proper documentation, you will be refused entry.

 No refunds will be made under such circumstances.

We strongly recommend that you protect yourself by purchasing Travel Insurance. This should be purchased prior departure but in some cases can be purchased at the Canadian Duty Free Emerson, depending on your health conditions.

What is the Cancellation Policy?  You must notify Anytyme Travel & Tours as soon as possible.

Casino Tours- Must be Paid in Full at time of booking, and are 100% Non-refundable. In the event we do not meet the required number to guarantee the trip  we will refund your payment or if requested transfer to next available trip date.

What is the Cancellation Policy?  You must notify Anytyme Travel & Tours as soon as possible.

Holiday/Vacation Tours:

Cancellation penalties are dependent upon the date of notification with respect to the tour departure date.

To calculate count the day of notification but not the day of departure. Should you cancel your trip for any reason, Anytyme Travel &  Tours will withhold the following amounts:
75 – 61 days – Tour Deposit  (see specific trip for deposit amount)
60 - 0 Cancelation 100% Penalty

No changes to passenger booking can or will be made from 60-0 days from departures date.

After the payment deadline? We welcome all reservations,  Kindly call to see if there is still space available. 

A minimum of 40 passengers booked and under deposit are required before the tour is guaranteed. 

Coaches are  modern, air conditioned, washroom equipped, with reclining seats, and T.V'S

Double means 2 people sharing  1 room, if you travel 

alone you would pay the Solo rate.

We do not find travel   companions.


Office HOURS

MONDAY - FRIDAY 9:00 - 5.:30 SATURDAY 10:00 - 2:00

SUNDAY Closed 


Box 1180

Lac du BonnetManitoba

R0E 1A0


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