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South Beach Day Trip  

   $25.00 per person (cash only)

Get FREE Buffet Lunch (bus patrons only)

April 25 Sold Out

May 9 Sold Out

May10 Sold out,17 Sold out

June 12,

June 21, Seats available south side

June 27 West end Unicity plus

July 5,19,25

August 9,22,30

September 12,20

October 16,25

November 7,22, 28

December 12

Overnight trips 2023 please go to tab

South Beach Overnight  Trips

Booking Policy


When you book any trip, it is only reasonable for us to believe you will attend, that is the reason we have not started


If you are still working kindly ensure you have the time off before booking and then cancelling last minute calling us,

stating you could not get the day/time off, we do except that to be reasonable or fair business practice.

It has happened all too many time that with 24 hours and in cases the day of the trip a person or couples do not show. 

We have a fixed cost with the bus company that we hire, we must pay for that bus once we hire it and then when we get

cancellation, we may not be able to meet our obligation, we may cancel the trip completely if this continues to be the case.

This is not fair to the bus company nor all the passengers that show up BUT with less than 72 hours' notice it is not

reasonable for us to fill those seats.

Groups: If you wish to be an organizer for trips you must collect the funds as they book, NO refunds are given once

they are booked. In only a few approved cases will we make an exception.


Individuals that cancel 2 trips will be asked to pay in advance.


Get in Touch


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516-120 Transcona Bvd.

Winnipeg, Manitoba

R2C 5T7


204 415-4500

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