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Shooting Star Casino 
No dates booked at this time

$159 per person double occupancy| $219 solo occupancy.​

Tuesday is 50+ Senior Stars Day. Swipe card at kiosk before 3:00 p.m. for a free ice cream.

Earn 15 points and swipe at kiosk to play a prize game for a chance at Star Cash, points multiplier, dining offer, or up to $100 cash.

Earn 25 points = $5 Star Cash | Earn 50 points = $5 Star Cash | Earn 75 points = $5 Star Cash | Earn 125 points = $10 Star Cash

Note: All prices/packages subject to change


We have rooms booked in Main Hotel and the Stardust.

Payment for trip due at time of booking.


More trips will be booked if the response is favorable.



Note: All prices/packages subject to change without notice.

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