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What to see and do while on Mackinac Island

The splendid island is a perfect  holiday spot, surrounded by picturesque cliffs, amazing tranquil lake waters, and aromatic evergreen trees.

In fact, vehicles have been forbidden on the mesmerizing island since 1898, and more than 80% of this enchanting island is designated as a state park, making it pure.

The jewel of the Great Lakes. Enjoy beautiful vistas, shopping, and carriage rides during your day.

Wander along Main Streets car-free full of horse-drawn carriages

Bike 8.2 miles around Mackinac Island for stunning views

Mackinac Island was at one time the center of the world’s fur trade, it now attracts people from around the globe to taste world-famous Mackinac Island Fudge! Visitors get to enjoy delicious samples from the many fudge shops downtown and also see the fudge making process in action.

That is truly a theatrical production! Downtown shops make 10,000 pounds of fudge each day in season. 

Get some and become a Mackinac Island “fudgie!

Arch Rock (you will see on the included Carriage tour) is an outstanding natural rock feature that stretches fifty feet  at its broadest point. The beautiful and soft limestone rock was progressively dissolved by wind and water over thousands of years, leaving behind a tougher stone rock in the shape of an arch. you will see this during the Horse drawn Carriage Tour included in your trip.

Wings Of Mackinac Butterfly Conservatory The marvelous Wings of Mackinac Butterfly Conservatory, located in Surrey Hills on Mackinac Island, is a lovely tropical greenhouse home to hundreds of unique butterflies that flutter among the brilliant tropical blossoms. The setting is as pleasing to these beautiful insects as visitors, thanks to the calming humidity and attractive sound of flowing water provided by stone fountains. Birds, goats, a box turtle, and tree frogs have all joined the butterflies in this conservatory throughout the years. Cost $10.50

Fort Mackinac The fort has been completely and wonderfully renovated. There are 14 different buildings, each housing a distinct exhibit focused on a different part of the fort's exceptional history, operations, and purpose, as well as an overview of the island's strategic importance. Visitors will also appreciate the base's own regular displays and unique tours, including exciting military exercises and thrilling cannon firing. Admission to Fort Mackinac is $15.50 for adults

You can book a narrated carriage trip from the Grand Hotel Stable to visit some of the island's most famous and fabulous historic sites.  Mackinac Island's defined bridle routes are ideal for horse lovers to explore. The Grand Hotel Stable provides private carriage rides with a guide.

Grand Hotel Porch – Enjoy a peaceful break on the porch of the hotel while sitting in a rocking chair enjoying the beautiful view of the Mackinac bridge and straights. The cost is $10 for adults

This gives you admission to the porch and to explore the grounds of the hotel. The cost is also applied to a luncheon meal at the hotel if you choose to eat there.

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